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We were delighted with our position on this year’s league tables! TOP
Your children from last year’s Year 11 achieved far better grades in their GCSEs last summer than they were expected to,based on their KS2 results, or than they would have in any other secondary school in the county! How great is that?
The value added section takes the pupils’ best 8 results then compares this with predictions from their Primary school results. The national average score would be 1000. That would be a neutral outcome; that is to say in such schools the pupils achieve what they are expected to achieve. Below 1000 then the school would not have added any value,in fact it would have had a negative impact. Above 1000 then the school has added value for the pupils. We were well above 1000 and well above all other Cumbrian schools. Support your local school if you want your child to achieve more than their potential.


Inter-House Competition Latest Results

Inter-House Comp Results

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Sad Farewells

As we say Goodbye to our Year 11s; it doesn’t seem like 5 years that they have been with us, though looking at the slideshow put together of their exploits since Year 5, we have certainly seen some changes! There were tears too at the end of the Prom. Such a lovely group of pupils; we all have our fingers crossed for their results in August, and wish them every success for their futures.

We wish all the best to Raff Colossi, who has been our IT technician for the past 10 years. He has travelled to Silloth daily from Penrith, frequently on his bike! He never stops, always rushing around, turning his hand to all things technical. How will we manage without him…. ? Mrs McCarthy has worked with us since 2008, supporting pupils in her role as a Teaching assistant in the Special Needs department. She has been such a star including supporting the Shakespeare for schools production. Miss Malkinson, from PE, is moving on to a  full time post before her forthcoming wedding and subsequent travel plans come into fruition.  We wish them all well.